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School Routines

The School Day
The school day starts at 8.40am. You should be in school in time to be in your Tutor Group classroom at 8.40 am.

School Begins: 8.40am
Interval: 10.30am - 10.45am
Lunch (Mon, Wed, Fri): 12.25pm - 1.05pm
Lunch (Tue, Thu): 1.15pm - 1.55pm
School Ends (Mon, Wed, Fri): 2.45pm
School Ends (Tue, Thu): 3.35pm

The Social Area is open to pupils from 8.30 am. Pupils arriving before 8.30 am will have to wait outside until the pupil entrance is open.

Pupil Entrance
Pupils should use the pupil entrance to enter and exit the building before school, at break and lunch and at the end of the day. If you are late to school you will have to use the main staff/visitor entrance. Fire exits are for emergency use only and must not be used as entrances and exits to the building.

School Uniform
School uniform consists of white blouse/shirt, black trousers/skirt, school tie and blazer. School uniform MUST be worn. For PE you should have a white T shirt with sleeves and black shorts or jogging bottoms.

Outdoor clothing
Pupils must remove jackets at the beginning of the period in every classroom.
Scarves, gloves and hats must be removed inside the building and must be carried in schoolbags. Blazers can be worn in classrooms.

Personal Organisation
Academy pupils are expected to:

  • Bring all books, jotters etc in a schoolbag
  • Bring their homework planner every day
  • Bring all of the appropriate equipment pen/pencil/ruler/ calculator etc

Access to Lockers
Lockers may only be accessed at the following times:

  • Before school starts
  • During break
  • During lunch

Lockers should be accessed before the warning bell. Pupils will not be allowed out of class to access lockers.

Access to the Hub
Pupils may only access the Hub at the following times:

  • Before school starts
  • During break
  • During lunch
  • After classes finish, if doing extra-curricular activities

All foodstuffs, including drinks, purchased in the Hub must be consumed in the Hub or transported in school bags. Hot food must not be taken out of the Hub.

Access to toilets
Pupils are expected to use the toilets before school, during interval and lunch. Only in exceptional circumstances will pupils be allowed out to the toilet during class time. Pupils who have a short or long term medical condition should bring a note from parents/carers and will be given a special pass.

Access to Medical Suite
Pupils who feel unwell or who are injured in school should inform a member of staff. The member of staff will contact the Medical Suite and arrange for you to go to the Medical Room. If you have a more serious illness or injury then a member of staff trained in First Aid will be called to assist you.

If you are not well enough to return to class then you parents or your emergency contact will be phoned and asked to collect you from school.

Pupils who require medication at school will have an arrangement put in place with the staff in the Medical Unit.


Notes from home
Pupils should bring notes for all of the following:

  • Absences
  • Appointments
  • Problems with school dress
  • Problems with personal organisation
  • Medical problems

Electronic devices including mobile phones, MP3 players etc
These devices may used only at the following times:

  • Before school starts
  • During break
  • During lunch

They must be put into school bags when the warning bell sounds.

Pupils using these devices in class will be instructed to put them away. If this instruction is not followed the item will be taken from them and put into the school safe. Pupils will collect their device at the end of the school day.

If an item is removed for a second time then parents will be asked to come into school to collect the item.

Pupils should note that the school takes no responsibility for any devices that are lost or stolen.

Movement around the school

  • Pupils should move around the building in a quiet, purposeful manner
  • Pupils should go straight from one class to the next
  • Pupils should move to class when they hear the warning bell at lunch and break
  • They should be lined up outside their classroom when the second bell goes.

The following behaviours are unacceptable around the school building:
Running, shouting, pushing, jumping onto other people.

Where can I go at break?

  • Pupils should be in the Hub, Social Area or outside.
  • Pupils should not leave the school grounds at break

Where can I go at lunchtime?

  • Pupils should be in the Hub, Social Area or outside.
  • Pupils may leave the school grounds at lunch-time
  • Pupils attending lunch-time clubs must show a pass to be allowed upstairs
  • Pupils going to lunch-time clubs may take a packed lunch to the club with the club leader’s agreement. You may not take hot food from the Hub.

    The Hub
    If you want to have lunch in the Hub you must remember your card. You will only be served if you have your card.

If you have lunch in the Hub, you should:

  • Use your own Young Scot Card to buy your own food
  • All pupils must wait in the line, even if you have pre-ordered a hot baguette.
  • You must not skip the queue.
  • You must not take food out of the Hub at lunchtime or at break.
  • You must clear your table after lunch, and put your rubbish in the bins provided.

If you have a problem with your Hub card you should report it at the school office. Pupils must replace lost cards by bringing £2.00 to the main office
Pupils who do not have their card must go to the end of the queue so that the catering staff can attend to them when the Hub is quieter
If you follow the above points, the Hub will be an enjoyable place to have lunch. Alternative lunch arrangements will be made for pupils who consistently do not clear away their trays and any cans / papers etc.

In order to make the Academy a pleasant place to work, all litter should be put into the bins provided. Please remember that we are an Eco-school and use the re-cycling bins appropriately. Pupils who drop litter will be asked to pick it up and place it in the bin.

School Bags
You should keep your school bag with you or in your locker. School bags left unattended in the social space will be removed to the school office.

Emergency Evacuation
When the fire alarm sounds you must evacuate the building by the nearest fire exit. If you are in the classroom your teacher will give you instructions. If you are not in a classroom you must still leave the school by the nearest exit.

You should go to the Astroturf and assemble in your House Tutor Group.

Behaviour in the Classroom
The rules for behaviour in the classroom are called Discipline for Learning “DfL” they are:

  • Arrive on Time
  • Have Appropriate Equipment
  • Follow Instructions
  • Work Steadily
  • Complete and Hand in Homework on Time

If you do not follow these rules you can have points deducted from your points total which means you will not be able to participate in some of the reward activities offered by the school.