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P7 to S1 Transition

The term transition means moving from one place, stage and cycle or subject to another. For all pupils in P7 the transition from primary to secondary means the end of at least 7 years in which they have developed through some of the most important stages of their life with a group of friends and usually within the same school. When pupils enter Primary 1 they are dependent on the key adults around about them for help and support. Yet by the time they leave their 7th year at primary school many pupils will have become the carers of younger pupils in the school and will have taken on the responsibilities of being a young adult.

Transition is a challenging time for all pupils. They need to let go of their years at primary and look forward to the new experiences and challenges ahead. Emotions are mixed. There are feelings of excitement, fear, anxiety and sometimes even relief if they feel you have outgrown their primary years. The important thing to remember is that everyone goes through the same experiences together. Some pupils adapt very quickly, others take longer. There is no hard and fast rule of how to do it and no magic potion to make it happen. However everyone will get there in the end.


Most children manage the transition from primary to secondary school successfully although the anticipation of the unknown can be daunting and scary. Some pupils have additional difficulties which mean they might require some extra help to manage the process of change. They leave behind the familiarity of their old school and the trusted relationships they have developed within the staff group. It is a time when some children need extra support to manage their feelings and anxieties.

The transition programme at Bo'ness Academy is designed to give all P7 pupils the opportunity to become familiar with the building, the staff and to mix with each other and older pupils to emotionally prepare for the move to high school.  There are a number of scheduled visits which take place over the course of the year and we aim make learning fun and stimulating for all involved.