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Growth Industries

At Bo’ness Academy we aim to ensure that all of our pupils are provided with opportunities to allow them to move into positive and sustained destinations when they leave school. Developing the Young Workforce is a responsibility for all and staff across the school continue to ensure courses from S1 – S6 consistently teach young people about work and careers. As such this will help to improve young people’s ability to make informed decisions about their futures.

Within PSE and through our continued partnership with SDS (Skills Development Scotland) pupils will learn about growth sectors within the economy when they are looking at careers and future pathways. This allows our pupils to gain an understanding of their chosen pathway and whether or not this is likely to provide them with a sustainable job in the future.

In February 2018, the Scottish Government published findings about growth sectors. They identified the following areas as growth industries;

  • Food, Drink & Agriculture
  • Creative Industries (including digital)
  • Sustainable Tourism
  • Energy (including renewables)
  • Financial & Business Services
  • Life Sciences


Pupils may wish to do further research on these areas and we would recommend using the My World of Work website for this.