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How Good is OUR School Part 1


"I am delighted to introduce this addition to Education Scotland’s suite of selfevaluation materials. How good is OUR school? (2018) has been produced in collaboration with schools, local authorities and organisations that represent children and young people across Scotland and importantly, with children and young people.

They told us of the things that matter most to them about their schools and therefore the things that they feel they should have a say in.

This new resource aims to support schools to engage children and young people in selfevaluation and school improvement in ways that enhance learning. It builds on the good practice that already exists in Scotland and supports you to take this aspect of your work to the next level. A strong, inclusive school ethos and a community that actively listens to children’s and young people’s views underpins effective learner participation."

This resource is in two parts:

Part One:  A guide for staff and partners working with children and young people will support self-evaluation of your current approaches to learner participation. It is intended to be used by school staff and partners working collaboratively with children and young people to evaluate what is working well and consider what would support increased learner participation.

Please click below link to HGIOS Part 1

How Good is OUR School Part 2

Part Two: A self-evaluation framework for use by children and young people includes some suggested activities to support children and young people to evaluate the quality of relationships, learning and teaching, school and community, health and wellbeing and successes and achievements. We are sure that as their skills and confidence increase, children and young people will grow their selfevaluation activity in ways which work best for them in their own school context.

"This framework has been developed by Education Scotland for children and young people because it is important that you have a say in how well your school is doing and how it can be improved. We know that children and young people can help to improve their schools when they have a say and it is important that you are involved in this in your school. Self-evaluation is how schools decide what is going well and what could be better. It helps schools to identify the actions they need to take to keep improving. Your contribution to this is very important."

Please click below link to HGIOS Part 2