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Work Placements

With the new Curriculum for Excellence, the opportunity for senior pupils to gain work experience has been given greater focus. As a result, all S4 to S6 pupil will have the chance to cultivate their skills in a workplace environment.

 There are 3 types of work placement and they are as follows:

  • Extended Placements - This is a placement which involves an increased length of time in the workplace. Due to the impact on the pupil's timetable, special permission must be granted by senior management and all third parties involved.
  • Flexible Placements - This placement is merged into the pupils' timetable and is a placement which offers experience in the vocation that the pupil wishes to pursue.
  • Targeted Placements - A week-long placement for pupils who are unsure of their career path and who may need more assistance in finding a placement


To apply for a work placement, please contact Mr Latimer or speak to your Pupil Support Teacher

Once an employer has been identified and Mr Latimer has been informed, the council must carry out checks.

When checks have been completed, Mr Latimer will contact the employer and find a suitable date for the work placement to begin.

At the start of session 2018/2019 all pupils in theS5 & S6 will be asked to complete a career planning form which will include a section for any pupil wishing to start a work placement.