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Steven McQueen

Time at Bo’ness Academy: 2012 – 2018 (Profile completed Summer 2018)


What will be your destination after leaving Bo’ness Academy? (college,uni, job etc)

Now that school has finished my next destination is at the Forth Valley College Falkirk Campus. This is to complete a HND in Sports Coaching and Development. This will be followed by university.


What school subjects do you feel have helped you most in your career plans?

I feel the main subject that helped me with my career plan and pathways was the PSE class. The PSE class showed us what opportunities are out their and how we go about gaining access into theses pathways. The class is somewhat specific to you as there are many career websites given to you that can be used to look at your own requirements. This makes things easier in regards to selecting a destination for after school.


What skills did you most improve during your time at Bo’ness Academy? Can you give examples of how the school helped you improve these?

Within my time at Bo'ness Academy many of my skills were developed. The main two that I feel were enhanced the most were my communicational skills as well as my leadership skills. My communicational skills were enhanced when various meetings organised by the school for pupil feedback. For example, I had the opportunity to say how I felt things were going within school and how things within the Bo'ness community were progressing. Improving my communication was very beneficial in the class environment as well as interacting with teachers and other pupils. My leadership also improved over my time in Bo'ness Academy. As I progressed through the years we were all given more responsibilities in regards to the younger pupils within the school. After time, these responsibilities became greater and by the time my final year at Bo'ness Academy came these responsibilities had moved from looking after the younger years in registration to senior sports team leader. That was all possible due to the early responsibilities Bo'ness Academy gave us introducing us into adulthood from an early age.


What support did you receive in school in relation to career planning? 

We had various inputs around the school from various people in relation to planning the next step in our lives. One area in which it was really beneficial was through the school careers adviser. The career adviser would organise meetings with each individual pupil once every couple of months from 3rd year onwards to gain an understanding into the ideas in which we were thinking. The adviser was great at collating all this information and giving us possible pathways in which we could explore and get back to them. Alongside the careers adviser we had various other teachers around the school that also had chats with us and gave us possible pathways which we could follow. This mostly came from the pastoral teachers in our PSE class.


What advice would you offer to any pupils when they are choosing subjects at school?

The advice I would give to pupils selecting their subjects is to choose subjects that you enjoy the most. If you pick subjects that you don't like you're less likely to succeed in them and it wont have any effect in your later life. Choosing a subject that interests you makes things so much easier when it comes to leaving school and selecting your next destination.