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Nicole Bell

Time at Bo’ness Academy: 2012 – 2018 (Profile completed Summer 2018)


What will be your destination after leaving Bo’ness Academy? 

I will be attending GAMTA in Glasgow which is a musical theatre academy to start a degree course.


What school subjects do you feel have helped you most in your career plans?

I feel as though music and drama have helped me the most as it has allowed me to gain more confidence as a performer. 


What skills did you most improve during your time at Bo’ness Academy? Can you give examples of how the school helped you improve these?

I have improved my leadership skills through my role as house and dance captain. I have improved my teamwork through my role as a senior leader and a dance leader. My communication has also developed through different opportunities to talk to important people, and also my confidence has increased throughought my time in school. 


What support did you receive in school in relation to career planning? 

I received a lot of help with career planning from my pastoral head (Mr Latimer) and my drama teacher (Miss O’Neill). They were aware of the path I wanted to take and made sure I had access to every opportunity available to me to help me further it. 


What advice would you offer to any pupils when they are choosing subjects at school?

My advice to younger pupils choosing their subjects would be to pick something they would enjoy, if you don’t enjoy something there is no point in doing it. And if you have a dream to follow it no matter.  A plan B is always helpful but if you have your heart set on something stick to it and get it.  “I don’t have a plan B, I will stick to my plan A until it works” - Ed Sheeran.