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Cameron Aitken

Time at Bo’ness Academy: 2014 – 2019 (Profile completed April 2019 before leaving)


What will be your destination be when you leave Bo’ness Academy? 

After my time at Bo’ness Academy I will be in an apprenticeship with The Scottish Government working with their Asset Management department. After completing the apprenticeship I aim to get a permanent full time position with the government.


What school subjects do you feel have helped you most with your career plans and what impact did the schools-college partnership have on your educational journey?

The subjects that have helped me most throughout my journey at Bo’ness Academy are the ones I have enjoyed. In my junior years at the school I was in some classes that I never enjoyed and I never tried as much as I could have. However, in my senior years, being in classes that I selected and was interested in it helped me get a career which suited me. Also the schools partnership with the college has had a massive positive impact on me as the course I am participating in focuses on things that I may not have had the opportunity to study in school and this has enabled me to learn many new skills.


What skills did you most improve during your time at Bo’ness Academy? Can you give examples of how the school helped you improve these?

One stand out skill that has improved for me during my years at Bo’ness Academy is my communication skills as I feel very confident talking to new people. I developed this skill mainly when my group and I took part and won the YPI (Youth Philanthropy Initiative) as I had to talk in front of a large crowd including pupils, parents and invited guests. 


What other opportunities did you have outside the school curriculum and how did these support you? 

Outside of the school curriculum I have participated in many things such as my volunteering, Orbit programme and also work experience. The orbit programme is for young people to help get a kick start to their career and this has helped me as it gave me a lot of tips for my interview which helped me to land the apprenticeship. My volunteering is working with primary school kids at a Bo’ness Playscheme during the school holidays and this has helped me because I was able to gain my Saltire Awards from this which look good on my CV. For my work experience I go to Dean Court in Bo’ness and help elders use technology and this allows me to communicate with other people and it gives me some experience in teaching.


What advice would you offer to any pupils when they are choosing subjects at school?

When it comes to the time when you can choose your own subjects what I would say is choose a career around things you enjoy. If you do something you enjoy for the rest of your life you will most likely be very happy whereas if you are in a career that you don’t enjoy as much you may not be as happy so choose the subjects you enjoy most and are genuinely interested in.


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