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Parents Evening Dates

Year Group Date of Parents Evening
S1 Thursday 1st November 2018
S2 Tuesday 5th March 2019
S3 Thursday 17th January 2019


Tuesday 20th November 2018 and

Thursday 21st Feb 2019

Parent Evening Booking System

We are now using the Parent Evening Booking System.  This means that you can choose the appointment times to suit you and not rely on your child to make the appointments.

We are using this for the first time for our S1 Parents Evening on 2 November and would welcome your feedback.

File icon: pdf Instructions for using the system [pdf 365KB] Click to download

S1 Parents Evening

Invitation to S1 Parents

S2 Parents Evening

Invitation to S2 Parents

S3 Parents Evening

Invitation to S3 Parents

S4/5/6 Parents Evening

Invitation to S4/5/6 Parents