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Information for Parents


Welcome to our Parent information zone.  The focus of these pages is to:


  • share information from the Parent Council


  • inform parents about important education policy and how that is developed within Bo'ness Academy

Post-Results Service:  Policy and Procedures Letter - NEW!!!

Please click on the document below to access information on the Post-Results Service.

1st December 2016, Assessment in S1-S3 BGE (Broad General Education)

The Deputy First Minister this morning launched a package of further information for teachers, other education practitioners and parents and carers on assessment linked to the development of the National Improvement Framework.

This information focuses on assessment within the broad general education and where the new national standardised assessments will fit within this.

Standards & Quality Report 2015-2016

As with all schools across Scotland we are required to produce and publish an annual Standards & Quality Report which reflects the schools progress over the previous academic session.  Please see below a copy of our Standards and Quality Report for 2015-2016.