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Welcome to Modern Studies!

Welcome to the The Modern Studies Department

Modern Studies is the study of local, national and international issues from a social, political and economic perspective. Pupils will examine current issues and evaluate their impact and relevance in society today.


The skills developed through the study of Modern Studies:

• Organising and planning; processing information; selecting evidence

• Comparing opinions; forming opinions; informing opinions

• Decision making and problem solving

• Source analysis

• Individual work; paired work; teamwork

• Extended writing


Courses offered:

In S1 pupils will be taught Modern Studies once a week as part of their Social Subjects class. At the end of S1 pupils will have the opportunity to select Modern Studies as an option choice for S2 if they wish to take the subject forward. In S2 and S3 they will then receive Modern Studies three periods per week.


With the BGE courses pupils will develop skills that will enable them to access the courses in the Senior Phase.

• National 4 and National 5

• Higher


Description of each course:


S1 Modern Studies:

• Democracy in Scotland

• North Korea

• The Media


S2 Modern Studies:

• An Unequal World

• Terrorism

• Prejudice and Discrimination

• Recent Conflicts


S3 Modern Studies:

• Pressure Groups

• China

• Crime

• Practice AVU


National 4/5 Modern Studies:

• Democracy in Scotland

• Crime and Law

• Terrorism


Higher Modern Studies:

• Democracy in Scotland

• Crime and Law

• Terrorism