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Sustaining Achievement Service

The Sustaining Achievement service is staffed by teachers and support for learning assistants. The Sustaining Achievement Service is committed to a holistic approach to supporting pupils . Subsequently, the service has responsibility in the learning, behaviour and pastoral aspects of pupil support.

The Sustaining Achievement Staff are fully committed to supporting the achievement of all pupils including those who have an additional support need which may affect their education.   The department (service) is a whole school resource to staff, pupils and parents, offering assistance where a barrier to learning occurs.

The information below gives a brief outline of the types of support that the Sustaining Achievement service is in involved in.

1.Services to Individual Pupils

Sustaining Achievement Staff collate information on individual pupils and are involved in further investigation should the need arise. They have responsibility for ensuring that information on individual pupils is appropriately disseminated both in school and to external agencies.

2.Cooperative teaching.

Co-operative teaching includes supporting and monitoring the progress of all pupils as well as developing classroom strategies to support pupils with additional needs. Sustaining Achievement staff work cooperatively with subject departments to ensure that all pupils can successfully access the curriculum.

3.Direct Teaching

Sometimes it is helpful for pupils, individually or in small groups, to work out of class with a teacher or support for learning assistant. Examples of this support include, small group intervention classes which focus on health and wellbeing and nurture. Similarly, pupils may attend the Support Base where they complete targeted work.


Consultancy can take place in many forms, ranging from providing advice to working collaboratively with individuals or departments. Effective learning and teaching strategies may be discussed and developed and suitable resources identified and made available. Examples of consultancy include regular review meetings with parents and outside agencies.

5.Staff Development

The Sustaining Achievement Service contribute to staff development in a variety of ways. These include the sharing of experience and resources through targeted time with an individual teacher or a department. Similarly, guidance will be given on developing materials, equipment and approaches for pupils with additional needs. The Sustaining Achievement service can also support departments by providing in-service training on different aspects of pupil support.