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Welcome to the Bo'ness Academy Mathematics Department

Mathematics Department

In the department we aim to raise awareness of where maths is used in the real world and with that ensure pupil enjoyment of the subject. We hope every pupil who comes in to the department becomes confident in their mathematics and can use the problem solving skills they develop in many different areas across the school and in real life.



Our Staff

Here at Bo'ness Academy our dedicated Maths department consists of:

  • Mrs F Moir (Principal Teacher)
  • Mrs W Nicol
  • Miss J Flanagan
  • Mr C Forshaw
  • Mrs G McGregor
  • Miss H McNair (Numeracy Co-ordinator)


We cover a range of areas from S1-S3 which include basic numerical skills, number patterns and relationships, measurement, shape and data and pupils will experience these through the work they do individually and also cooperatively with their peers.

We then offer a range of certificate courses in S4 –S6 which build upon the skills our pupils have developed in S1-S3.

To be taken to our year/certificate specific dedicated page please click the appropriate link below:

S1                       S2                      S3        

National 3        National 4           National 5

National 5: Applications of Maths

Higher             Numeracy

Supported Study

The department offer a range of supported study sessions for all pupils to access. This can be found here:  Supported Study Timetable

Senior Pathways

For latest updates please check our twitter page