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Health and Wellbeing

The PE and FCT departments come under the Faculty of Health & Wellbeing.  The Faculty Head is Mr MacWhirter.

Physical Education

Welcome to Bo’ness Academy Physical Education Department. The Department consists of:
Mr MacWhirter, Mr Johnston, Mr Cassells,
Miss McIntyre, Miss Norris,
Miss McKelvie, and Mrs MacLeod

Physical Education allows pupils to engage in a diverse range of challenging learning experiences contributing to their physical, social, emotional and mental development.

Physical Education Departmental Aims

In Physical Education we aspire to fulfil the following aims for all pupils:

• Develop their knowledge and understanding of human movement by engaging in a range of physical activities.
• Improve their physical performance.
• Develop social skills and promote acceptable standards of behaviour and positive attitudes to others.
These life skills are also transferable to all other areas of the curriculum.

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