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English and Modern Languages form the Languages Faculty led by Faculty Head Mr Crawford. 


Studying English and Literacy provides learners with skills which are central to their success in school and beyond. Through the study of language, literature and media, they develop their reading, writing, talking and listening skills, enabling them to develop their ability to contribute and communicate effectively in a range of contexts.

In the English department, learners are given opportunities to study a wide range of literature, developing their analysis and evaluation skills and exploring connections between the texts they read and the world we live in. They are also given extensive opportunities to create their own texts, both written and spoken, encouraging them to develop their language skills through producing creative, critical and transactional responses.


Learning other languages enables students and young people to make connections with different people and to play a fuller part as global citizens, enhancing their understanding and enjoyment of other cultures and of their own. They gain insights into other ways of thinking and other views of the world and therefore develop a much richer understanding of active citizenship.  One of the key aims of Modern Languages teaching is to develop young people’s ‘communicative competence’ so that they are able to use and enjoy the language effectively in real situations and for a range of relevant purposes in work and leisure throughout their life.

It is important for the nation’s prosperity that young people are attracted to learning a modern language and that they become confident users of a modern language, well equipped with the skills needed in the new Europe and in the global marketplace.

The Modern Languages Department at Bo’ness Academy offers: French, Spanish and German.