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Online Payments


File icon: pdf Letter re changes to on line payment system [pdf 123KB] Click to download

Step 1 Getting Ready

Information Required for Making an Online Payment

  • Pupil's Scottish Candidate Number (School meals only).
  • SCN cards have already distributed to pupils.Pupil's Registration class (School events and payments excluding school meals) .
  • Pupil's Date of Birth (format DDMMYY).
  • Pupil's name 
  • Pupil's address 
  • Pupil's postcode
  • Correct Amount to PayCard Details

Please Note:

Music Tuition Fees paid through the on-line payments system should be made by selecting the Sundry Debtors Option (once you have selected “make an online payment” from the school’s website).

Please do not select Miscellaneous schools for these type of payments

Step 1:

Browse to the Online Payment section of Falkirk Council's website.

You can find the link here:

Falkirk Council's Online Payment System: Click Here for Online Payments 

Select Bo'ness Academy from the list of schools

Step 2 Payment Entry

Step 2: Select which payment type from the drop-down menu

Payment Type

School Payment Details

Enter the details. Fields marked * are mandatory.

Enter details of payment and pupil name in message box.

Click on "Continue"

Summary of Payment Details

To add an additional payment

To add another payment click on Return to Payment Menu
repeat the process for the additional payment.
Or Continue to proceed to payment.

Step 3: Summary of All Payments

Once all payments have been entered click on "Continue".

This will now take you to enter your card details

Enter your card details and the email address you would like your receipt sent to.
Click "Continue".

Summary of Details for Confirmation
Check the details of your payment and select "Make Payment".

Your Receipt
Print receipt from this screen (if required).
Your payment has been successful