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Online Payments


For more information about the system and how to register - see below.

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Falkirk Council have introduced new online school payments system in all schools.


The new system is called iPayImpact.


What is iPayImpact?

iPayImpact is a secure online payments system that allows you to pay for school-related items for your child(ren) online through your smartphone, tablet and computer, and will offer a host of features such as:


  • Provide you with your own personal account to pay and track school related payments, including school meals, concerts and school trips.
  • Manage costs for all of your children, even if at different Falkirk schools, from the same account.
  • Allow you to see, at any time, all payments made and balance information, including on meal cards.
    iPayImpact is provided by CRB Cunninghams Ltd who currently provide our catering systems within all our schools.
    We are encouraging you to register for an account to let you pay, manage and track all school payments.  However, we recognise that not everyone will wish to pay this way, so we will still continue to take cash if necessary, if that’s what you prefer.

What information will we share with iPayImpact?

In order for iPayImpact to verify your relationship to your child(ren), some of the relevant information about your child and the main contact of the child (the nominated main legal guardian named on your child’s school enrolment form) , need to shared by us with iPayImpact.  The information being shared is as follows:







Local Authority

Main Contact Name

Main Contact Email address

Main Contact Phone number

Free School Meal Status indicator

SEEMiS Identifier


This is the minimum level of information needed in order to securely link your child(ren) to your account.  We will not receive any information back from iPayImpact about your account with them.


You can read more about how iPayImpact handles your personal data in its Privacy Statement


You can read more about how we handle your personal data in the Schools & Education Privacy Notice

Next steps

To use the iPayImpact school payment service you will need to register for a Mygovscot account and add a unique account reference for your child. 


We will send this unique number in a letter to you when iPayImpact online payments go live for the school. If you have children in multiple Falkirk schools, when their school goes live, their unique number can be added to your existing account. This means that you only need one account for all of your children.


To register for a Mygovscot account in advance of the iPayimpact service going live, please visit and click on “Register for an account”